TV and Radio

 When I first decided to launch my interiors business twenty years ago, I had a clear and pretty much instant vision of what I wanted it to be.

The dream was always to create a ‘world’ of interiors that spanned product design, writing, online and broadcasting.

As with children, you really shouldn’t have a favourite, but I have to say I do absolutely love the performing side of my work. Radio and TV, particularly when live, is about as exciting as it gets.

I have been fortunate enough to present many interiors shows on television, and countless radio shows and interviews. More recently, I have developed an interiors range for TV shopping channel QVC, which is all filmed live and definitely one of the highlights of my working life.

Not content with that, we are also just launching the Alison at Home You Tube channel, which will give me the opportunity to talk to you in even greater depth about my favourite products and ideas.

I look forward to meeting you soon on air!