By Room

Like Russian dolls, rooms are just houses within houses. Each one is a micro world which should both look good and work hard for you. 

All our furniture and accessories are ‎carefully designed and sourced to bring you a unique offering of beautiful and unusual pieces at truly affordable prices.

Your interior is a reflection of your personality, and we aim to help make that as unique as you are, at a price that will surprise you.


  • Hallway

    First impressions and all that...and yes, at Within Home we also think that the first 30 seconds counts. So our hallway range is here to help - from storage benches to tray tables, occasional chairs to consoles. Everything you might need for a calm, collected and welcoming entrance. Make sure that your hallway says the right things about you, and get organised today!

  • Living Room

    A well designed living room works hard - a space to relax, socialise, have some 'me' time - and at the epicentre of all this activity is a great sofa. Get that right and the rest will follow.  ‎A living room is just that, a place for everyday life, and we've got it covered with our beautiful ranges of seating, occasional tables and accessories, all designed to enhance this very important space, and all at our trademark affordable prices. 

  • Dining Room

    A family that eats together stays together, so the saying goes, and here at Within Home we understand the importance of a really good dining table and chairs. Tables have to work hard these days as they multi function from places to eat to home offices, and our abiding cri de coeur is that dining chairs should actually be comfortable (why so many are not we simply don't know!). So we've carved and upholstered our little hearts out, and the result is a wonderfully versatile and elegant selection of pieces that will take you from dawn to dusk in comfort and style.  

  • Bedroom

    A good ‎bedroom will nurture and rejuvenate. It's a retreat as well as a place to rest. Oh, and it should be a little seductive to boot. So, for a little 'va va voom', take a look at our gorgeous range of velvet button back chairs and ottomans, sleek chaise longues, romantic sleigh beds, glamorous dressing tables and tactile throws. Bonne nuit! 

  • Kitchen

    The kitchen is probably the busiest room within the home. A place for ‎cooking, meeting, working, reading, talking and of course, feeding. So we take a broad view of what is essential kitchen 'equipment', and in our range you'll find everything from tables and chairs to storage and cake stands. A veritable cornucopia of kitchenalia!

  • Garden and Conservatory

    Nothing, but nothing, can surpass the beauty, character and refinement of a British garden. So our garden furniture and accessories range has been designed to complement the visual splendour of our famous lawns and flower beds. From sun loungers to tray tables, Within Home has got it covered without!