Chairs fulfil so many functions - your chance to pause after a long day, to ‎read a favourite book, listen to music, watch the TV, or just chat. They are one of the most satisfying pieces of furniture, as they represent rest and leisure.


So we've designed all sorts of chairs, from hand carved statement pieces, to library armchairs, pretty boudoir perches, chairs to eat in and lots in between, for your every possible whim.


All our chairs are elegant, but equally important, they are also supremely comfortable. So go on, take a pew, you know you want to.  


  • Occasional Chairs

    A good occasional chair is anything but! For whilst it may not have a specific purpose, it probably needs to work as a Jack of all trades - seat, clothes horse, quick perch for putting on shoes - you name it, that chair has to be able to deliver.


    All our occasional chairs are so beautiful, you'll probably just want to look at them,  ‎or give them a little stroke as you pass by. But if you do want to use them for any other purpose, ‎we promise they can do that bit too.


    Trust us, our occasional chairs are exactly that - an occasion!

  • Dining Chairs

    Intricately hand-carved from Mango Wood, these French style dining chairs are an essential companion to any dinner table.

    When we started designing dining chairs we asked ourselves one very simple question... Why are so many dining chairs so impossible to sit in for any length of time?

    We made it our mission to design beautiful looking chairs that are also supremely comfortable, and our Avignon range promises to do that.

  • French Armchairs

    Our French armchairs are made from solid mango wood which is sustainably sourced and hand-carved by artisans in India. Many hours are spent intricately carving the wood and stitching the fabric to produce each individual piece of Provincial furniture.

    Great armchairs embrace you. They envelop you in comfort, keep drafts at bay and seduce you into staying put for a couple of hours.

    What better feeling is there, than to take a good book (or ipad), a cheeky glass of something, and settle down in your favourite French armchair?

  • Armchairs

    A good armchair is a best friend - a place to rest, retreat and review the world, and it has to be right. Our armchairs come in many shapes and sizes but have one thing in common - they are all hand made and upholstered to the highest standards, with total comfort our top priority.  So with that in mind, you can pick your favourite, sit back and relax. 

  • Contemporary Chairs