Your home is the most personal reflection of who you are, so it has to be right! The furniture of Alison at Home is designed and curated by our expert in house team. In short, we've spent years working on that winning combination of quality, style and value for money, so that you can choose with confidence. We hope you like it. 


  • Sofas and Footstools

    One of the most important purchases in the home, your sofa has to be just right - comfortable, stylish and built to last.   


    Our sofas and upholstery are designed by our in house team, and hand made in the UK.  Every detail is important to us, from the frame to the stitching and stuffing, and we're so confident in our manufacturing quality that we guarantee it as standard. We also have a beautiful range of fabric choices, and an ever growing selection of sofa styles.


    A good sofa makes a great room. Take a look.   

  • Beds

    Your bed is undoubtedly the most important piece of furniture in the house. Your quality of sleep and wellbeing depend upon it, and when you've had a good night's sleep, everything else just seems better. 


    Our beautiful beds range from hand carved pieces in solid wood, to hand made divans manufactured exclusively for us in the UK.  ‎Our beds are designed in house and built to last, along with our selection of superbly comfortable mattresses.  


    So treat yourself to a better sleep.

  • Storage

    Good storage is key to an organised and well run home. It makes an interior look tidier, calmer and a more pleasant place to be.


    But when we design storage at Alison at Home we think not only about how it works, but also how it looks, and our best selling range is a genuine testament ‎to that old adage about the balance between form and function.  


    Storage can be sleek, and we've set out to prove it.

  • Tables

    Tables are the social hub of a house - we eat and drink on them, have a good old chat round them and often work at them. A table has to fulfil many functions, and still look good. 


    All our tables are hand carved to our design from solid wood. Functional but also extremely elegant, they can be dressed up and down, and take you from breakfast to formal dinner in the  twinkling of a table mat. 


    Table talk will never be the same. 

  • Outdoor Furniture

    Often referred to as the extra room in the house, the garden, or any outdoor space we may have, can be a great source of pleasure and relaxation when used to best advantage. It needs to look inviting, and be practical too. 


    Our garden furniture and accessories are chosen and developed with enjoyment in mind - always that little bit unusual, always elegant and in the case of our seating, super comfortable too.


    Gardens are for pleasure - get the most out of yours.

  • Chairs

    Chairs fulfil so many functions - your chance to pause after a long day, to ‎read a favourite book, listen to music, watch the TV, or just chat. They are one of the most satisfying pieces of furniture, as they represent rest and leisure.


    So we've designed all sorts of chairs, from hand carved statement pieces, to library armchairs, pretty boudoir perches, chairs to eat in and lots in between, for your every possible whim.


    All our chairs are elegant, but equally important, they are also supremely comfortable. So go on, take a pew, you know you want to.