Embrace your earthy side and mix up a steamy bowl of veggies and noodles. It looks amazing and tastes even better, thanks to the glorious recipe by Carrie Anne from ‘Little Big’. The colours, the flavours, the pre-packaged ramen it all tastes like boho – on a budget. Sigh. Perfect combination of soft earth tones with pops of colour – Boho beautiful.

Ingredients Include:

White Onion




Snow peas

Baby bok choy



Green onion tops

Dried shiitake mushrooms


An Egg (can be substituted by small shrimp, tofu, or thin strips of beef)

Five spice powder (can be substituted by ginger or curry powder)

mirin (a Japanese cooking wine)

Tamari soy sauce (a mellow, low-sodium Japanese soy sauce)

Sesame seeds

Ponzu (a citrus-y sauce)

Gomasio (ground sesame seeds and salt)

Furikake (a seaweed and spice mix)

Toasted sesame oil

Simple Ramen flavours like pork, beef, chicken or seafood mix

Peanut Oil (can be substituted for vegetable or canola)

Chopped Vegetables

Photo by: Janice Cullivan


  1. Chop all your vegetables to nice small bite size and heat some oil on medium in a pan.
  2. Next, add onions, celery, and dried spices and sizzle away for about three minutes. Add a splash of mirin and let it bubble for two more minutes.
  3. Add the garlic and ginger, and stir for 30 seconds before adding the water.
  4. Add the amount of water as indicated on your ramen package.
  5. Now you’ll begin to add your vegetables. Mind the relative cooking times of the vegetables you add. First the dried shiitake mushrooms and choose the smaller bits of mushrooms to cook fully.
  6. Then hearty vegetables like carrots and broccoli go in. Five minutes in you can add the snow peas and bok choy bottoms.
  7. Ten minutes in, add the thinly sliced cabbage and bok choy tops. Add the tender green onion tops at the very end before serving.
  8. After about fifteen minutes of vegetable simmering time, add your ramen noodles and cook for another minute or two, loosening them up a bit.
  9. If you are adding egg: while the vegetables are simmering break an egg or two into a bowl, add a bit of tamari, and stir as you would for scrambled eggs. Pour this in now while stirring in an imitation of egg drop soup. (Tofu can be added when you add the snow peas; thinly sliced beef can be added with the noodles or even right before serving. Add shrimp near the end. For a poached egg skip the soy sauce and the stirring and add one on top of the bowl.)
  10. Add the spices from the ramen packet at the end and stir to combine.
  11. For some toppings, a few drops of toasted sesame oil, some furikake and a slice of steamed fish cake.

Now eat your boho heart out.