This week I saw the first pics from the workshop of my new desk. Yes I would be the first to admit it that this is no ordinary desk, but in honour of our wonderful new period offices I thought I would have something just that little bit different.

The inspiration also came from a painter who previously had decorated my much loved cocktail cabinet for me. On that occasion I had sent him an unloved 50s cabinet and asked him to do something fun with it. What came back has ever since been my favourite piece of furniture.

So when it came to a desk for the office, I thought  I would challenge Dan to replicate an exquisite antique chinoiserie desk I had seen at auction house Christies. Another friend, a talented cabinet maker, made the carcass, and then we shipped it up north to Dan’s workshop for painting.





I knew I wanted it to be black, antiqued and decorated with soft gold oriental motifs, but more than that I decided to let Dan do his thing. His first workshop snaps told me I had made the right decision – I was really blown away by his sensitive treatment of the decoration – it is so easy to get this wrong and go over the top.
So I now wait with baited breath to see what the finished article looks like. We are debating how to decorate the last remaining surface, the actual desk top, and I have sent him an image of an oriental landscape that I really love, so let’s see what comes back.


I have also asked Dan to paint another cocktail cabinet for me to go in the same room (a recent eBay purchase). So excited to see that too.

In my experience it always pays to go the extra mile in terms of creativity, and in this instance, I have been lucky enough to work with someone who completely understood how to interpret that vision.