Until my mid thirties, I was a stranger to colour. I admit it. Looking back, I now understand why.

As a student and in the early days of running my business / bringing up a family, time and resources were never on my side, so my choice of clothing and interior decor always veered towards the neutral and practical. My focus on property was to keep moving and improving so we could move up the property ladder, and so my approach to interiors was to keep the colour as simple and broadly appealing to potential buyers as possible. In other words, beige.

Two things happened to change that. Firstly, we bought the house we wanted to stay in. All of a sudden, I knew I didn’t have to decorate to please other people. I was also so overjoyed, actually to have a home, that I just wanted to express that happiness.

Secondly, I met a stylist called Dionne Goldson, who was tasked with finding me 60 outfits for an upcoming ITV series. When she saw my wardrobe she vowed to bring colour into my life, and the journey began.

I can honestly say that what happened next was nothing short of an epiphany. I started to renovate my beloved new home and realised that with virtually no budget, colour and paint were going to be the transforming elements. Meanwhile Dionne was coaxing me in and out of changing rooms with ever more adventurous outfits.

The more colour I used in my home, the more daring I became. Out went the black clothes and beige walls. In came slate blues, green golds, hot pinks and my favourite paint colour of all time, affectionately called Slutty Mauve (yes that went in the bedroom).

Colour and the use of it is now one of my favourite aspects of fashion and interiors. Colour can both reflect and affect your mood, lifting your spirits, calming you down, or revving you up. Did you know that red used in dining rooms will excite the appetite? Green was traditionally used in hospitals as a calm colour. Purple is considered the colour of royalty and passion and yellow does indeed bring a smile to people’s lips.

Colour can be transformational on all levels. I couldn’t live without it.