Daffodils in the HomeOver the past week a small miracle has happened. The sun came out. All of a sudden, the hibernation of winter has receded, and the world seems a brighter, more positive place.

However that has thrown up one small issue, which is that the sun has also highlighted just how tired some of my interiors are looking.

I suppose it’s a bit like being a hairdresser – you don’t always get the chance to look after your own assets whilst looking after others. I’m no different, and whilst my interiors still give me great pleasure, I do acknowledge that they need a bit of tidying up, after ten years of good service.

But how to do this cost effectively? Very few of us have the budget to replace items at will, however there are a few relatively simple things one can do to refresh a home at minimal cost.


Here are my top five suggestions:

  • A coat of paint, in a slightly different shade to the one you have already. This doesn’t mean changing the colour completely, but just the depth of colour. It will instantly revitalise the look and feel of a room.
  • Change the light bulbs, to a slightly brighter light. There are so many options with bulbs these days, and whilst I like a soft dim light in the winter months, a crisp clean light is perfect for the spring.
  • Shampoo all carpets, rugs and upholstery, and deep clean the kitchen and bathroom. If your fabrics smell fresh and your hard working rooms are sparkling, it will create a sense of newness and positivity.
  • Move furniture and accessories around the house – there is no need to buy anything, just cast a fresh eye over where you put things and why. Simply putting items in a new environment can give a totally new feel to a room.
  • Put something living into the house – a plant or even just cut flowers. The presence of plants will improve air quality and it also just adds a totally different dimension to a room. I have recently worked out the exact time of day my local supermarket marks down its flowers by 85 per cent, so I can get a whole bucket of daffodils for next to nothing. It pays to take note of the small details!