Make the bed

This simple task should be a daily habit for all of us (I hope)! The Happiness Project, explains that making your bed is one of the easiest ways to positively impact your happiness, so don’t forget it — even on a lazy Sunday!

Frame it

Pictures of happy memories are priceless, so make everyone in your home smile by displaying them in your bedroom. For inspiration, take a look at the beautiful frames we have at Alison at Home.

Live and let live

Make sure you have plants and flowers in your bedroom. They make it brighter and happier. It’s a simple win-win situation!

Get colourful

If your favourite colour makes you smile then make sure your bedroom reflects it. Traditionally, blues and greens evoke a feeling of peace and serenity, but, whatever your colour preference — give it some air time in your bedroom.

Let the light in

If possible, choose big windows to allow the sunlight to stream in and create a warm glow in your bedroom. If this is not possible, implement good lighting with help from decorative side lamps and candles.