This is a particular favourite of mine – it takes just minutes to make and has real ‘wow’ factor.

What you need:

  • A bucket, the same size you intend the finished ice bucket to be
  • A clear plastic or glass vase, wide enough to hold a bottle of wine of champagne
  • Red flower heads
  • A decorative tray


1. Take a clear plastic or glass vase (wide enough to hold your bottle of wine) and place this inside the bucket. There must be about a 3cm gap between the vase and the bucket.

2. Push the fresh flower heads in between the vase and the bucket.

3. Pour water in between the vase and the bucket, roughly to the top of the vase.

4. Put in the freezer for an hour or so, then check and push the flower heads down further into the water if necessary and continue freezing until the water becomes solid ice.

5. Stand the bucket in hot water for a few seconds, invert and let the ice bucket slide out.

6. Return the ice bucket to the freezer until ready to use.

7. Put a bottle of champagne into the ice bucket and place a tray under the ice bucket to catch the drips