Just over a year ago, Alison decided to do something a bit different, and went back packing around the world with her family; Japan, Australia, New Zealand and America. As you can imagine, it was a feast of images and experiences, and she didn’t want to forget a moment of it.So, she suggested to her son Ethan that he keep a ticket stub diary of the journey. Over the four weeks they duly stuck in tickets, maps, sweet wrappers, even a slither of eucalyptus soap, and gradually built up a multi layered recollection of events. It was colourful, interesting and a genuine cultural snapshot of the places they visited.The best scrapbooks are mostly visual, complemented by succinct and insightful comment- they use a beautiful journal or photo album to take you on the journey and make you think.

Alison’s top tips for a great scrapbook:

* The layout should be 60 per cent visual and 40 per cent text.* Change the layout of each page and don’t make the arrangement too ordered – a sense of spontaneity is a good thing.* Inject humour amongst the serious stuff – include sweetie wrappers or drinks labels.* Don’t cram too much on a page – let it breathe.* Think of texture as well – people will be fingering the page – cloth, string, foil, they all help communicate the message.* Collage your cover and protect it with sticky backed plastic for a hard-wearing finish.