Flowers are one of life’s great joys, and I couldn’t be without them in my home. Flowers can also be the perfect finishing touch to a special dining table, and I’d like to share one of my favourite arrangements with you. Bearing in mind that table flowers should be kept low so you can see all your guests, the perfect table arrangement will be compact, relatively flat, unperfumed (as scent interferes with the sensory enjoyment of your food) and should also incorporate some candlelight, which is extremely atmospheric.One of my favourite tricks is to place the arrangement on a mirrored glass plate, (which can be bought for just a couple of pounds) — it’s an extremely versatile decorative tool throughout the home.So, very simply (because simplicity and speed is also important in most people’s lives), take a mirrored glass plate if you have one, or alternatively, a flat platter of some description, and place a pillar candle in the centre – about 6-9”high would be fine – just make sure it is unperfumed. Place a donut ring of floral oasis (available online and also in florist shops) over the top of the candle – and remember to wet it first so there is some residual moisture inside. Then take whichever flowers and foliage you love most and feed the stalks (which ideally should be quite sturdy), into the oasis. You’ll need to trim them down a bit to fit.I always think that a ratio of 2:1 on foliage to flowers looks best – it’s also cheaper than just using flowers.The moisture in the oasis will keep the flowers fresh for a few days, and you can top it up with water as it dries out.So simple but very pretty.