We could all benefit by being greener and limiting waste; and it can be surprisingly fun and productive! Have a look at a few of our suggestions to get you living a more environmentally aware life and you get to make beautiful items for your home at the same time, with no expense spared.Have fun!

Fabric covered folder and accessories

Thinking about replacing old carpets and curtains? Think again! You can use the material to make a range of decorative items for your home; from coasters, to tea cosy’s, kitchen notice boards, cushions and fabric covered lampshades – the options are endless.

 Button frames

Every household has an abundance of spare buttons, which, more often than not have a very unfulfilled life in a dark cupboard. Have a look at the collection you’ve accumulated and you may be surprised by the range of colour your collection comprises, which will be perfect to make eye-catching accessories for your home. Why not frame your buttons or stick them around some fire wood, to make your own frame?

Card Cakebox

If there are cards which have hung around in your home, simply because you love their design, we have a better use for them and it’s two of our favourite things; simple and inexpensive! So, for a perfect way to simultaneously home decorate and recycle, collect your cards and make them into a cake stand, then invite the card senders to survey your masterpiece. We guarantee they will be touched.

Crotchet collar

Got an old table cloth you’re ready to bin? You may think again, once you realise its fashion potential! If you want to add a decorative touch to a cardigan or jumper, use the crochet to sew on a collar. A chic style up-date with no money spent.

Sock pot

Old socks don’t have to end their lives in the rubbish bin. For any socks that no longer serve your feet well, fit them around a plant pot. Give it a try!