Product Design

For as long as I can remember, I have been inspired by what I see. My great uncle and grandmother were painters, my uncle a goldsmith, so my early life was full of beautiful visual images, which have stayed with me and informed my appreciation of the world around me.

I hugely enjoy looking at architecture and interiors, and have always had a very clear idea of what I think makes good design. So when I was originally asked by the good folks at to design a sofa range for them, it felt right to do so, and a successful and enduring collaboration was born.

From those beginnings in 2012 I went on to design my own range of furniture and accessories on, and also launched an interiors range exclusively for shopping channel QVC. Most recently, 2017 saw the launch of an exciting collaboration with online bathroom company Victorian Plumbing.

Throughout my ranges, the DNA of my design ethos holds true – that it is possible to design elegant, well made furniture and accessories at truly accessible prices.

I really hope you enjoy what we do at Alison at Home. It is for you.

With very best wishes,