I have been running businesses of one sort or another for over thirty years (actually, I set up my very first business when I was five, but I am not counting that!), and along the way, have often been asked by other women what it was like to set up a business and how I did it.

The honest answer is that it has always been purely instinctive for me. I had a vision and just doggedly pursued it. However I’d be the first to admit that I often learned the hard way, had no guidance whatsoever and probably would have benefited from some expert help here and there.

Which is what made me think about those other women out there who might be facing the same situation. Wouldn’t it make sense if those of us who have paid our dues, used some of that hard earned wisdom to help others just setting out on the path. The stats are very telling – women are more likely to succeed at running their own business than men (sorry chaps), but are less likely to try in the first place, because they lack confidence.

I feel very strongly that we should celebrate and support anyone who wants to start their own business. Entrepreneurs are a truly special breed, and should be nurtured and facilitated at every step. They are the lifeblood of our economy, and unique in that they fuel the economy at every level, from small independent businesses to huge concerns. Size really doesn’t matter, but enabling those willing to go it alone, does.

So a likeminded group of us, brought together by CWO Enterprise and Women2Win, launched an initiative called Make It Your Business, and have set up talks around the country, open to women who want to learn what setting up a business is all about, and be able to tap into our support network.

Over the coming months you will be hearing a lot more about this, both on and offline.

A couple of pics from our first London seminar of Make It Your Business. Inspirational talks from Aneeqa Khan of Eporta, Nicola Snell of Press Loft, Rachel Vosper of Rachel Vosper and Deborah Maclaren of The Media Sales House. Thanks to all who gave their time and support, and here’s to the next.

I hope it inspires you to follow your own dream.

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