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After months of planning, last Friday, my son David and I finally embarked upon our GR20 climb through the Corsican mountains. Considered to be the most challenging long distance trek in Europe, we arrived in Corsica with some trepidation. The single gauge railway that heaved its way up through roughly hewn rock to our dizzying starting point at Vizzavona, was a little clue as to what lay ahead.But nothing can really prepare you for the breathtaking grandeur of the GR20, the mountainous spine of this magnificent island. On day one we set out not knowing what to expect, and were quickly plunged into an exhausting ascent through dense pine forests, to emerge several kilometers later at the top of a pass, with extraordinary views across the granite mountain tops to the sea beyond.All in all, we trekked some 18km on our first day, through ancient pine forests, past remote shepherds huts, across windswept mountain passes, and finally, with absolutely nothing left in the tank, we made it to our first night stop at a mountain refuge. The last two kms of the walk seemed absolutely endless, as we stumbled our way towards food and bed.Day two was, comparatively speaking, a walk in the park as we only had to complete 13 km, and whilst there was more, steep climbing, the scenery of giant Larician pines, birch woods, gushing rivers and soft mountain meadows was so enchanting that we forgot how much our feet hurt.My son David, although only 12, has been absolutely fantastic, taking it all in his stride and proving the most excellent company. I am so proud of him.Tomorrow is a biggie – 18km and some really challenging climbing, which means we are allowed a large piece of steak tonight…As you know I am undertaking this challenge to raise funds and awareness for The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise, to make a donation, please click here.For more information on The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise click here