Red carpet

Only recently I discovered that my mother had saved a Mother’s day card I wrote her 45 years ago: ‘Mummy I love you and if I had the money I would buy you a golden ring’, read the scrawl that spidered its way across the homemade card, next to the Stick Woman with my interpretation of a beehive hairdo.Now I have two boys aged 10 and 13, and whilst I am not expecting anything this Mother’s Day, I am quietly excited about the skinny little hugs and slightly sloppy kisses that might come my way. For my part, I shall be sending my mother flowers as I do every year, as it would be unthinkable not to.Mother’s Day is about celebrating women, the source of all human life, the domestic rock that is the matriarch, the purest love of all, that of a mother for her child.