For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by doors. Most of the doors we walk through are fairly mundane – modern, glazed, formulaic. The best you can expect is a bit of replica door furniture in the shape of a folorn lion or some mock Georgian letterbox.But old doors are magical. They have gravitas, patina, the scars of extreme age and use, noises that only they can make. They have a story.Doors have seen some of the greatest events in history – think No 10 Downing Street, the doors of Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace – but for the most part, doors have simply witnessed the comings and goings of ordinary domestic life, and they are no less special for it.Doors can welcome you, accept you, reject you, withold a secret, keep you safe, make you feel vulnerable. Doors have the power to liberate or control. Best of all, each and every household door opens up the most private and personal of spaces – your home.For that reason I have always enjoyed capturing images of doors wherever I have travelled, from the Greek Islands to India, country houses to county churches, and beyond. Ancient wooden doors, painted doors, padlocked, polished, hinting at the secret lives beyond, never to be entered doors.Here are some of my favourite photos. Every one has a story.