Alison's dad

I think Dad’s often draw the short straw when it comes to saying thank you. Father’s Day often seems to me to be celebrated more out of a sense of duty, and because by then we’ve already celebrated Mother’s Day and it only seems fair, as opposed to a real sense of it being a necessary thing to do. Needless to say, I don’t feel that way. Like many girls, I have always felt I have had a really close relationship with my dad. He always seemed to understand my dreams and ambitions, and always sent me the message that anything was possible. Now that my husband is a Dad, I see it all from the other perspective. The highs, lows and immense amount of effort needed to help grow and support your children – and the enormous sense of pride when they start to stand on their own two feet. Father’s day is just as important as Mother’s Day – and just for the record, it’s perfectly okay to send flowers!