Cake 6

You know, the joy of cupcakes is not so much in the eating of them (after all, it is just sponge and icing at the end of the day), but in the sheer visual gluttony of these saucy little sweetmeats. Impossibly frou frou, they are the culinary equivalent of a My Little Pony fest, and frankly, the world would be a poorer, duller place without them. Yes, it’s about the quality of the sponge and it should be light and airy, but for me it’s really about the decoration. There are plenty of ready made decorations one can buy at supermarkets to decorate cupcakes, but here are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices going:

  • Birds nest cupcake: use a small tube of ready made brown icing and circle roughly round the top of the cupcake several times to create a birds nest – then fill with several small candied chocolate birds eggs.
  • Take either rose petals or scented geranium petals (both edible), brush them with egg white, sprinkle with caster sugar, leave to dry on greaseproof paper and recreate the real flower on top of the cup cake – really pretty.