People often ask me where I get my inspiration from, and I always say the same thing – life! I am insatiably curious about most things and as a result, always looking around to see what the world is up to. It is an endlessly interesting place, which I compute in terms of shapes and colours. From shop windows to sunsets, flowers to fashion, my brain is on constant standby to make connections and remember the little details that might later work their way into a design or fabric shade.Someone once told me that the moment your eyes see something, that image is imprinted on your brain and filed  – all you need to know is how to recall the information, but it is all there. I take great comfort from that, as I know that just by looking around me, I am constantly processing images and ideas that will resurface as inspiration when I need it most!We live in a world full of visual splendour. Here are a few favourite images gathered along my travels.