Yes, I know it is July and I also know that we are due a further two month heatwave apparently.

But life goes on, as they say, and July is when I officially launch my Christmas range at QVC, where I have a diffusion line for Alison at Home.

I must admit it’s one of my favourite times of year (not least because my birthday falls in July!), but also because I do love my QVC Christmas Collections and they are always popular with viewers, who send in gorgeous pictures of their items proudly displayed at home.

This year I have called it The Belgravia Collection, and I am really thrilled with how it has turned out – crisp, white, silver, green and bright, it’s about luxury, glamour and elegance. I particularly like the freshness of the greenery in contrast to the sparkle of silver and crystal. It’s both timeless and contemporary, and a response to the many of you who asked for more silver in the collections.

I think this is my best Christmas for QVC to date. I do hope you like it too.