Sometimes it can be challenging to keep the kids entertained – and even more so if you are juggling work too. However, I relish the time I get to spend with my two sons and the summer holidays are  a great opportunity to share some wonderful experiences together, that you and your whole family can cherish. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling — have a wonderful time!1. Cook up a storm together. Treats needn’t be too naughty — why not try our chocolate covered strawberry recipe or a healthier cupcake recipe filled with the goodness of beetroot?2. Get crafty! Alison at Home’s summer bunting is both easy and fun to make and can also work as a perfect bedroom accessory for your kids, too.3. Do you want to ride your bicycle? Work up a healthy appetite and take to the country lanes, or hills if you fancy more of a challenge, and enjoy a beautiful, invigorating family bike ride in the fresh air.4. Does your child fancy a furry friend? Not every home and family is suitable for animals but there are hundreds of farms and zoos around the country with plenty to see and they have the added bonus of play parks and cafes, to keep the kids happy and allow you to recharge the batteries. Just Google your local area to see the best options available to you.5. Have a staycation. Sometimes all you really want to do is enjoy time with your family in the comfort of your own home.Have a look at my top tips for a staycation to see how you can embrace your family time in your home, while staying very local.6. Have a movie night. Save money on the cinema and get cosy and into character in your living room by theming a night around a movie of your choice. You could dress-up as the characters in your movie and do supper in the same style too. The Sound of Music, Harry Potter and Mrs Doubtfire are great places to start.7. Why not let your kids invite some of their friends over for a sleep over? If you need an extra bed, Alison at Home’s Bayswater ottoman is ideal.8. Make a treasure hunt. They will be running around expending some of that endless energy while keeping excitedly distracted for hours!9. Grow your own vegetables and enjoy the fruits of your labour when they’re perfectly ripe . This is a great opportunity to teach your children about nutrients and combat any troublesome distaste in vegetables, as well getting them out in the fresh air.10. Enjoy traditional and much loved activities and games that encourage team effort, thought and outside activity —rather than too many computer games. Why not fly a kite, play hop-scotch, monopoly or hide and seek?Have fun!