QVC logoI have just spent two whole days meeting our lovely QVC viewers and customers, and I can honestly say it has been a real revelation.Over at QVC Towers, in Chiswick, I was able to show them a sneak preview of the Alison at Home Christmas range for QVC, and it went down an absolute storm! First of all, they totally ‘got it’. When I first sat down with the buying team, I was really clear that the hallmark of anything we do at Alison at Home is elegance and affordability, and that the Christmas range would have to follow that through.Not only have we produced a really classic and subtle Christmas Collection, but the QVC viewers clearly appreciated the soft colours and textures we used, and couldn’t get enough of it. One item in particular caught their eye – Henry the diamante stag. I shall say no more, but watch out for him, as I think he may sell out faster than you can say Rudolph.I am really excited about going on air and sharing the whole range with the viewers – I just don’t think we’re going to have enough time to say all that there is to say!In anticipation, here are a couple of pics I sneaked in during the two days…QVC 2