Today’s Special Value at QVC

For anyone who is uninitiated, a TSV day on QVC is, in my opinion, the most exciting experience a retailer can have! It translates literally to ‘Today’s Special Value’, and is a 24 hour period when shopping channel QVC promotes a particular product at a special, not to be repeated price.

I’ve presented a number of TSV days now and everytime have had great fun and success with my QVC ‘Alison at Home’ range. There is no better feeling than when people love your TSV and it sells out!

This Tuesday July 24th at midnight I’m extremely excited to be back!

This time I have a choice of three absolutely gorgeous silver lanterns that are perfect for summer living through to winter entertaining. I’m so thrilled with them I can’t wait to get on air!

The first show of a TSV day starts at midnight, so I have to be at the QVC studios in Chiswick for about 8pm, so that there is time to do make up, hair, get my set dressed and have the TSV rehearsal at 11pm.

Then it will be straight into the first live broadcast at midnight exactly. I think you either love live TV or hate it. I happen to love it. There is nothing quite like the buzz of knowing that you have to get it right there and then, as there is no editing possible!

I also love the QVC hosts. Consummate professionals, their job is to help you present your product to its best advantage. They each have their own style, but the one thing they all have in common is a uniquely detailed understanding of what needs to be done to communicate to the viewer at home all the key points about the product- bearing in mind that the viewer cannot actually touch the product and has to rely on the information presented by us on screen!

What the viewer sees is a beautiful set. What we see are banks of cameras and lighting, camera men and floor managers, not to mention the director and producer in your hidden earpiece. It’s fast, furious and fabulous. I always enjoy my time on air.

Better yet, I feel very close to the viewers, as they tweet during the show, send emails and comment on Instagram. It’s a really unique relationship and allows me to ‘talk’ to them and understand what it is they want.

After the midnight show its off to bed (at about 1.45am) and then up at 6 am to get back to the studio for hair, make up and an 8am production meeting to review the midnight show. By 9am we are back on air, and then every few hours right through until midnight – a whole 24 hours of live broadcasting.

When the shows are over, the award winning QVC customer service team takes over and processes the orders, getting them shipped out to customers within a matter of days. It’s a big operation.

It’s fair to say that it takes a day or so to recover from a TSV, but by the end of it I also feel I could jet propel myself home just on the adrenaline!

It’s an extraordinary show, and as with all the best productions, all the viewer gets to see are the ‘swans’ swimming effortlessly on top of the water, oblivious to the furious paddling beneath.

Join me on QVC at midnight on July 24th for the launch of my TSV lanterns, which will run throughout July 25th.

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