There’s No Place Like Home

During our recent travels around the world, we had the opportunity to enjoy a whole raft of architecture, from ancient to modern, urban to rural, and corporate to domestic. And what made the greatest impression on me was the sheer variety of what people call ‘home’.

We saw the Venice Beach bum with his rug, velvet chair and guitar, the multi-million dollar festive lights of the mansions of Brentwood, the simple but elegant decor and customs of the traditional Japanese communal dwelling, and the decorative detail of the Kyoto Royal palace. Other homes took the form of modernist architect-designed LA houses, historic Getty villas, Australian rainforest tree houses, roof top swimming pools in Sydney, earthquake damaged Christchurch houses, quaint retro clapboarded cottages and even a makeshift home in a sea container.

But best of all was returning to our own home after a month away traversing the globe.

Home is about many things – familiarity, the proximity of favourite possessions, being able to retreat from the wider world, feeling at peace with one’s surroundings, a sense of security, a freedom from accountability.

Home is about how you feel as a person – and there’s simply no place like it.

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