The Treasures Of Polanica

People often ask me where I get my interiors inspiration from, and the answer is simple – my surroundings.

That could be a colour, a plant, a building, but it is almost always the environment I am in at any one moment that will give me ideas and stimulate my creativity. So travel is an important part of that process.

This last week I have been in the small spa town of Polanica in Poland. It is a magical area, part of Lower Silesia, which is rich in ancient forests and farmland, castles and cute cottages.

It is also a slightly mythical place of buried treasure, as it was once Germany, and when the inhabitants fled during the war, they often buried their valuables in the belief they would come back. So every now and then, someone renovating their home will find some treasure, as a local homeowner did recently when he discovered two gold bars hidden behind an old fireplace.

But for me it is the untouched nature of the land and it’s villages, slightly lost in time. It’s Pa Larkin in Polish.

Here are a few of those snaps…

Our beautiful spa town of Polanica.

I love the combination of green and yellow in this house and garden…

Poland is full of charming rustic houses – it is almost as if time has stood still – I love it.

Another cute house in Polanica.

Doesn’t it just make you want to walk up the path and knock on the door!

Almost time to come back to Blighty. I shall miss my houses in Polanica..

The ancient town of Klodzko.

I adore the forests of Poland – dense, ancient and the home of bears, wild boar and deer.

Miles and miles of forest – I walked 14km today through this beautiful countryside.


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  1. Love the houses. How do we get there ? Where did you stay ?

    1. Hi Suzanne,

      Thanks for your message. We flew to Wroclaw and then drove there for about an hour in the car. It’s a small town so no night life, but there is a lot to see in the surrounding countryside. Best Wishes Alison.

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