The Power of Flowers

Last week was Chelsea – probably my favourite week of the year for that reason. Also my favourite month for the garden.

When I lived in Wales I always remember the excitement of watching the garden explode into life from late April onwards. The frequent combination of sunny May days interspersed with often heavy rains made the garden shoot up, in that particular shade of verdant green that can only mean new growth. My particular pleasure was to watch the herbaceous perennials leap into action, accelerating at the rate of knots.

When I came to London, I missed being able to watch my plants in action, but substituted the annual flower fest that is Chelsea, and it has never let me down.

For me, this year’s highlights were the giant grass teddy bears for sheer silliness, the boat garden for its whimsical beauty, and the woodland garden because it’s glorious orchestra of ferns, hostas, primula and myriad other shade loving plants reminded me again of my beautiful sanctuary in Wales, forever a perfect memory.

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