The Big Interiors Show

I spent two heavenly days this week at a big Interiors show at the NEC in Birmingham.

These shows happen annually and are a great opportunity to meet suppliers face to face and discuss business, trends and whatever else is topical.

I always enjoy them as it is also a chance to see what new product is coming out before it hits the open market, and it’s interesting to see if my own personal trend forecasts are borne out by what emerges at the shows.

This year two things struck me. The first is that we are undoubtedly in a time of uncertainty for many people, and the interiors trends I saw, of natural, tactile, luxurious fabrics, all seem to suggest the consumer is looking for reassurance and comfort, when the world around them seems volatile.

I also got a great sense that ‘British Made’ is due for a Renaissance. I was struck by how innovative, stylish and price competitive much of our British made upholstery is, and feel that the British consumer will respond to political events by returning to an appetite for goods developed and manufactured in the UK.

Whilst we all want to maintain good trading relations with our European counterparts, and need to do so, we also need to champion our own indigenous talent and resource, and be proud of it once more. I certainly am.

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