The Ancient Town of Kutna Hora

Whilst in Poland this summer I decided to make a quick dash over the border to the Czech Republic for the day. But rather than aim at Prague, which I thought would be overly busy and hot on that August day, I decided to visit the ancient town of Kutna Hora.

Little did I know what treats were in store for me. Dating from the 14th century, when it was second only to Prague in importance as a silver mining town, this Bohemian gem is one of the most charming and perfectly preserved cities I have ever seen.

A veritable Disneyland of medieval architecture, with its improbable fairy tale cathedral, extraordinary ossuary and daintily painted domestic houses, it was an absolute joy to walk around in almost complete solitude, the crowds being confined to one or two bus loads.

Every bit of this breathtaking little city charmed me, from the winding cobbled streets, to the stone carved statues that littered the ancient bridges. If ever you are passing, it’s an absolute must.

I left with a lingering sense of enchantment, and a renewed determination to bring that little bit of magic to everything I do in interiors.

Beautiful stone statues…

The charming painted and embellished houses of Kutna Hora…

…and wonderful painted doors

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