Storage Solutions

  • Put your ottoman to work! The seat at the end of the bed is a classic look – why not make it useful too? You can stow just about anything from plush sweaters to bulky blankets in an openable ottoman.
  • Pull-out beds are major space-savers and an absolute must for entertainers. By optimizing the space under the bed, they create a friendly convenience for you and your guests, who will appreciate cosiness and seamless utility.
  • If you’re in the market for a new bedframe, chose one with a storage base! Beds such as these allow you to store blankets and sheets under the bed with ease, maximizing your space in the bedroom while remaining hidden to the eye.


  • Shoes scattered in the hall create an eyesore, so put in a bench that will be functional as it is tasteful. Mini compartments can stow away shoes, and a plush top doubles as a seat.
  • Could your sideboard be doing more? You don’t have to sacrifice flair for efficiency when it comes to your hallway storage.  Find one that can hold your dining sets and impress your guests.
  • Wall-mounted coat hangers are a must for hanging jackets and organizing outerwear.  Many also come with built-in storage, where you can stow scarves and handbags out of sight, but still have them handy as you’re running out the door.


  • Utilise your empty wall space with a mounted plate rack and cabinet.  This piece will open space in your other cabinets, remarkably clearing your countertops of clutter. Tableware seems to pile up over time, so be sure to throw out that old Tupperware you never use anymore as you reorganize!

Living Room

Like the bedroom ottoman, there’s no reason your living room foot bench can’t be multifunctional.  Stow away throw blankets, TV remotes, and random clutter into your ottoman, and you’ll be surprised by how nicely it opens up the space.

Visible cable boxes and DVD players take away from the ambience of a cosy living room.  Find a TV stand with storage to put your major electronics as well as any accessories, so you can keep those hidden from everyday view.

Experts say you should think of de-luttering as a lifestyle change, not just a seasonal spruce-up. Investing in pieces that’ll make this easier contributes to a fresher, long-term perspective that’ll keep your home looking its best, so you’ll have that crisp spring-clean feel year round!

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