QVC Shoot

Shoot days are always fast and furious, and this one, to film and photograph items from my SS19  QVC range, was no exception.
The day started for me at around 5am, when I jumped into a taxi with reams of clothes, makeup and a coffee, to hot foot it to our filming location.

When I arrived the crew were already setting up – it takes a number of people and a whole heap of equipment to make films, and the picture perfect set you see in front of camera belies the huge amount of machinery and non photogenic activity behind the camera!

My job is to be on time, word perfect, suited and booted. In other words, ready to go the minute the crew are ready to record. Making a film is a real bit of team work and everyone has their part to play. Things do go wrong but if everyone focuses on their particular responsibilities, it definitely minimizes the dramas!

Film crews are immensely professional, and used to pitching in so that any unexpected issues with equipment, batteries or creaky floorboards can be overcome.

This particular shoot went very smoothly, in no small part due to the experience and calm control of our director Anna, who knew exactly what she wanted and kept the team moving along on time and in good humour.

The day passed in a flash, and before I knew it, we were wrapping the set and saying our goodbyes.

All you will get to see is the finished result. What i see is the enormous amount of work that goes into those few minutes of tv.

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