Pink and Green should never be seen…

I was reading a press release about colour recently and it made me smile. It said that people who have blue in their entrance hall were confident, that green was a great colour to enable studying, and that people with black walls were the most amorous. 

Well I’m not sure about the last one, but I do have blue and green walls in my own home. But then again, I also have grey walls, lilac, silver, gold and…need I say more? I just love colour, and it’s everywhere in my place. 

Colour affects my mood and the right colour can really lift my spirits. It also makes me feel warm and cosseted. My bedroom is a wonderful shade of lilac which I call smutty mauve – make of that what you will. 

My sitting room, probably my favourite room in the house, is a wild concoction of gold, dark green and pink – and I adore it. Rich, vibrant, whimsical and bold. The perfect place to have a party. 

My bathroom is black, grey and silver. The kitchen is pure white and the dining room has chocolate coloured walls and rich brown velvet curtains, with silver grey blinds. 

But perhaps my most favourite colour is the front door. Painted an utterly glorious shade of blue green that reminds me of angry waves, it’s called Squid Ink. Very apt, since my home is called Dolphin House. 

Like I said, I adore colour…

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