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Yorkshire Parkin

Today is Yorkshire Day! Celebrated on August the 1st, this annual event is dedicated to celebrating all things Yorkshire, from formal proceeding involving the reading of the Yorkshire Declaration of Integrity and the remembrance of it’s heritage, to fun-packed family entertainment such as pudding throwing contests, the Ripon Yorkshire parade and of course, enjoying some […]

Our Henry

When I walk in the less visited parts of Hyde Park (and it is possible to get a little bit lost in the 351 acres), and especially when I see some of the more ancient trees, it reminds me that Henry VIII used to hunt there with his court. If you look at the Knightsbridge […]

Removing Furniture Stains

If there’s one thing we love at Alison at Home, it’s a gorgeous, well designed and finely kept interior. Quality pieces can transform the home, setting the mood from sunrise to sunset. From the kids’ latest art project, to that last glass of red wine, it’s all too easy for beautiful furniture to grow tainted […]

Being At Home

Well, since I’m launching a blog about home and homemaking, and what it means to me, I thought I’d start with just that. I realised pretty early on in life that my surroundings were important to me – I remember begging my mum to let me paint a big jungle mural over my bedroom wall; […]