No Place Like Home: Sussex

Whilst I love travelling and am constantly curious about the world, I am at heart a home body, which is probably why I love interiors so much.

If I were to live anywhere other than central London, it would probably be West Sussex, for the charming farmhouses and cottages, the swathes of forest that still remain, and the many great gardens which have been created and nurtured in this Great British countryside.

For me, there is no place quite like the United Kingdom, and on a gloriously sunny recent weekend I embarked upon a 10 mile hike of the South Downs. Along the way, I came across some idyllic hidden treasures…

The view from Duncton, at the start of my walk.

The Sussex forest – still the most densely wooded county in England.

A beautiful house within the pretty much perfect village of Sutton.

The enchanting 11th century church at Upwaltham, with walls three feet thick.

Perfect mushrooms – growing early this year because of the combination of wet weather and sunshine. I found these deep in the woodland.

My parents SUSSEX garden – small but meticulously cared for.

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