My favourite mews houses

Every month I go to BBC Radio London to talk to my dear friend Jo Good on her show about some aspect of interiors.

Given that we are talking to a London audience, I thought it would be interesting to talk about a particularly London phenomenon – Mews Houses.

Formerly the stables of grand houses, in the days when horse and carriage was the normal mode of transport and before cars were invented, most Mews have now been converted to residential houses.

What were humble lodgings for animals have now become highly desirable and often expensive houses. Compact and low rise, normally on three floors maximum and with no basement, Mews houses are often found in charming cobbled enclaves. Sometimes the Mews are cul de sacs, which gives them an air of secrecy and privacy, a rare commodity in central London.

I used to live in a Mews house in Pimlico, which was a cul de sac, and which felt like a wonderful oasis in the epicenter of London. It was so quiet and peaceful, and all the residents took great care in painting their houses different shades of ice cream, and tended their window boxes until their overflowed with flowers. It was a wonderful place to live and full of character.

Some of my favourite London Mews are Wilton Row in Belgravia, home of the most haunted pub in London, the Grenadier; Eccleston Square Mews In Pimlico, where I used to live; Kynance Mews in Kensington; Launceston Place and Ennismore Garden Mews.

Each one unique, historic and overflowing with charm, Mews are definitely one of the more interesting residential propositions our capital has to offer.

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