Making Memories

When I see an accessory, I don’t think about the item per se, but the memory it brings me. For me, home is about moments in time, emotions and experiences, not the physical object.

So when I see a lantern (and trust me I have many!), I think about some of the amazing parties I’ve had in my home, the friends who sat with me on the terrace until the early hours, wrapped in my softest throws and having a glass of wine by the light of the lanterns. Happy times filled with laughter and a bit too much wine!

When I see a vase, I think of the celebratory flowers we have had reason to buy – birthdays, exam successes, competition wins – and sometimes, flowers just for the sake of it, because they add another beautiful dimension to an interior.

When I see a glass display box I think of the treasure I have put inside it – the dried flowers my grandmother wore on her wedding day almost 100 years ago; the little book inscribed by my husbands late father ; an heirloom piece of jewelry.

Cushions remind me of lazy days on the sofa thinking up the next big idea; trays remind me of drinks parties and Prosecco with cassis; bedcovers can only mean one thing – my fabulous comfy bed and the joy of falling asleep in seconds; candles bring memories of cosy nights in when it’s cold outside, and Friday night dinners with the family.

For me, home is an emotional tapestry, the warp and weft of which is woven by my favourite things.

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