Removing Furniture Stains

If there’s one thing we love at Alison at Home, it’s a gorgeous, well designed and finely kept interior. Quality pieces can transform the home, setting the mood from sunrise to sunset. From the kids’ latest art project, to that last glass of red wine, it’s all too easy for beautiful furniture to grow tainted […]

Storage Solutions

The weather’s getting warmer each week, and every cognizant home owner knows what this means: spring cleaning is in order. Even after you’ve swept out the pantry and sterilized the bathroom, you still have throw blankets and heavy jackets taking up space. We’re here to offer our best storage solutions for every room in the […]

Choosing the Perfect Mattress

“How much should I be spending? What makes a good mattress? What’s the difference between pocket sprung and latex?” With so many options for mattress-buying, such questions inevitably rise.  This is our guide to help you through the evolving market of mattress shopping, providing tips so you can be confident with your investment.  We spend […]

Walnut Place Names

A variation on the idea of silvered fruit; clever nature made walnuts absolutely perfect for the task of being a place name holder. And if you spray them silver first with craft spray, they become tiny Faberge like jewels. Keep them upright on the table with a spot of blue tack underneath, and use the […]