Our Henry

When I walk in the less visited parts of Hyde Park (and it is possible to get a little bit lost in the 351 acres), and especially when I see some of the more ancient trees, it reminds me that Henry VIII used to hunt there with his court. If you look at the Knightsbridge […]

No Place Like Home

Home is where and what you make it, and nowhere is this more true than at the extraordinary Blaca monastery on Brac Island, which I was fortunate enough to see on a recent visit to Croatia. Literally hewn out of the rock face, the Blaca monastery is a masterpiece of architectural hutzpah, but even more […]

Croatian Jewels

As a designer and writer, travel is an essential part of keeping the imagination fired, and I like nothing better than exploring new lands. This time, I ventured to Croatia, excited about discovering a region loved by the Romans, blessed with ancient towns and villages and kissed by an aquamarine sea. It didn’t disappoint. From […]

If In Doubt, Fake It

Many years ago I lived in Wales, in the green and pleasant Wye Valley. My garden was my pride and joy – endless herbaceous borders, roses scrambling over the cottage roof, sparkling streams wending their way through the melee of colour and overseeing it all, our majestic trees spreading their canopy over the landscape. It […]

The Rain in Spain

I’m so glad we came to Mallorca in May. When I think of Spain, I think of a hot and dusty holiday to Salamanca when I was 12. It was a treat, as I had never been abroad before, but it was a brutal introduction to how unforgiving the summer sun can be. This time […]