A Summer Floral Display

I have always loved flowers.

For me, they add a vital connection between our interior world and that of nature. Somehow they manage both to humanize and to harmonize.

It’s when I stop to look at the detail of any given flower that I realise quite how extraordinary they are. How nature far surpasses anything we can hope to create ourselves.

I love it when people go the extra mile to make everyone else’s day a bit brighter with flowers…

Real or faux, it doesn’t matter to me, as long as they bring that all important extra dimension to their surroundings. 

We are channeling Frida Kahlo in Belgravia this summer – so I thought I would do my bit. These are blue and white faux flowers and I’m a big fan of them when they are done well, as they are here – the latest faux flower technology prevents fade, so the blooms stay fresh looking almost indefinitely. Oh, and Before anyone asks, skirt by Zara, top Zara (last season).

Summer is one of the most miraculous seasons in terms of the blooms it produces. Here are a few of my favorites flowers that I’ve photographed:

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