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I spoke too soon @easyJet @easyJet_press @easyJet_DE - as a final kick in the customers' teeth we're told by sister company EasyBus that they aren't responsible for flight cancellations-funny that, they were quick enough to take the money up front. So a wasted bus ticket to boot.

So, net result for a 1 1/2 hour flight from Germany @easyJet @easyJet_press @easyJet_DE is a 49 hour delay, zero customer service, two days missed school for son and two days missed business meetings for husband. Your lack of care and consideration is astonishing.

So @easyJet absolves itself from actually talking to paying passengers by saying it is a digital airline. However it's online chat facility isn't working. Flight was today at 1pm. Now told it is Tuesday at 2pm. Only one night accommodation offered but not confirmed. Go figure.

@AlisonCork @easyJet Claim up to £550 for Cancelled/Delayed in 30 secs we do the rest. name, email, phone DONE

Now next available flight is on Tuesday, more than a 48 hour delay, and we are not even sure we can secure that one. Received a DM from @easyJet and have sent them my husbands mobile number. This is a golden CS opportunity to spring into action and put things right. Let's see...

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