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The Year of Less

We often think we are the inventors of an idea, but I’m a firm believer that we are probably just picking up on a zeitgeist, a generic feeling that is permeating our everyday existence. I started this year with a clear sense of wanting to simplify my position – letting go of belongings rather than […]

My favourite mews houses

Every month I go to BBC Radio London to talk to my dear friend Jo Good on her show about some aspect of interiors. Given that we are talking to a London audience, I thought it would be interesting to talk about a particularly London phenomenon – Mews Houses. Formerly the stables of grand houses, […]

Christmas Stollen

The traditional German Christmas Cake ‘Stollen’ is thought to have originated in Dresden right back in the 1400s. The cake was baked during advent and designed to symbolize the Infant Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes. However, at that time, advent was a season of fasting and according to the prevailing church doctrine a Christstollen was […]